Thank You!

Sammy’s place is in community. Thank you to these members of our community for their ongoing support!

Thank You, 2022 Donors and Funders:

Adele & Gerard Spegman

Bob & Rita Daggett

Business Oregon

Carol Brown

Chuck & Barb McLaughlin

Cliff Sowle and Marie Farmer

Collins Foundation

Columbia-Pacific CCO

1st Security Bank of Washington

The Chicks

David Pollack

Diane Gibson

Dick & Bette Wald

Oregon DEQ

Dorthy Hochhalter

Eugene Schmuck Foundation

Elizabeth Cole



Environment Protection Agency

Fred Meyer Rewards

Gladys Jacobson

Halstead Family

Jennifer and Eddie Kahl

Kathleen Marvin

Kathy Jean Hrywnak

Kathy & Wayne Jacobson

Kelsie Marea

Kent Blevins

Lane DeMoll

Linda & Lyle Huber

Loren Parks Foundation

Lynda Chick

Lynn Mudd

Mark Reny

Michael Hithe

Michael McGuire




Oregon Community Foundation

Patty & Joe Baratta

Patricia Rinehart

The Rehn Family

Roger Labbe

Rowlan Hrywnak

Vincent Glaudin

Sue Ellen Christensen

Susan Tone

Sigrid & Karl Heyden

The Standard

Tina Chick

Tommy Hrywnak & Annie Kadin

Whit & Becky Spencer, Family

Vicki & Brian Chase

Vicky Halverson

Vivi Tallman