Sammy’s Place

Creating living, working, and respite choices, inspired by nature.

We do this with people experiencing disabilities and those who share their journey.

Who We Are

Disability is Diversity.

Sammy’s Place is a group of individuals, family members, caregivers, and community members who believe everyone should have access to the possibility to dream, including people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (IDD). We are invested through our work together in a welcoming Oregon coastal region where everybody has what they need to fully participate and thrive in their community of choice.

Our work focuses on:

  •  Elevating the voices of people and families experiencing intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (I/DD)
  • Advancing universal accessibility in our local towns along Oregon’s North Coast
  • Providing community education and networking
  • Building support opportunities alongside systems
  • Evaluating ourselves on how we can center equitable practices within our work

North Coast, Oregon

    What We Do


    Elevating Voices

    Through the COAAST Network we empower individuals experiencing I/DD to exercise their own voice by building networks among families, service providers, and state and local organizations.


    Peer Delivered Support

    The COAAST Network brings people with similar lived experiences together to support each other in their community.


    Community Education and Networking

    The COAAST Network provides opportunities for strength-based and person-centered learning and conversation so that we come together in creating new opportunities so everyone can fully participate in our coastal communities.


    Housing and Universal Access

    Sammy’s Place advocates for the supports or accommodations needed to gain access that would allow any individual to participate and enjoy a place, product, service, or role independently, including housing.

    Family Resources

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    News and Updates

    Stories and Newsletter

    Fall Newsletter November 2023

    Fall Newsletter November 2023

    See our Fall 2023 Newsletter here... Transformation has been our work over the last 18+ months. Sammy's Place, as an Oregon 501 (c)(3), has been building its foundational integrity by building our teams, implementing...

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    Andrew Jenck, Becoming an Adult with Autism

    Andrew Jenck, Becoming an Adult with Autism

    Transitioning from college life to an eight-hour a day job isn’t easy for anyone, having to adjust to a new schedule and struggling to find your own identity. Autism heightens these issues, especially in the context of applying for work, as I’d fumble job interviews...

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    Universal Accessibility North Coast Tour 2023: Featuring Keith Jones

    Each video is less than a few minutes: Universal Access, Housing, Why is Sammy’s Place Important, Ableism, Universality, What Would You Like People to Know, and the Solution.